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How to set up Shop demo content in Anaglyph


To setup shop demo content in Anaglyph, first of all you need to install Woocommerce plugin.

1. Go to Appearance > Anaglyph options > WooCommerce >Choose your settings for shop pages and click save changes.

To set up demo content pages, you need  to install plugin Wordpress importer. Please follow these steps to know how to do this.

2. Go to Tools > Import > WordPress Run Importer.

To get your dummy_data.xml file, first of all you need to extract it from the woocommerce archive download file.

3. Go to your extract file> Dummy-data file folder> Dummy-data.

4. Select your dummy_data.xml file > Upload file and import. Please note that your dummy_data file format should always be in XML.


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