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Membership in zoner


Membership in zoner works only for registered users. If you want to have a membership account, you have to registered first. Interesting part of been a membership is that, you can interact with your clients either via chat, email or phone. Please follow this steps to learn how to register as membership.

1. Go to Register> Click Agent> Create an Account.

2. Fill in required information for your account.

3. Go to My Package> Select premium type> Choose mode of payment.

4. Please note that Paid System should be enable. Choose the paid type and currency for paid submission.

Site administrator can create unlimited number of packages. Available options are:

  • Billing period Days, Weeks, Months, Years
  • Billing every "Billing Period"
  • How many properties are included?
  • How many featured properties are included?
  • Price Edit price for current package.
  • Unlimited properties yes/no
  • Unlimited featured properties yes/no
  • Create agency yes/no
  • Available package yes/no
  • Stripe Package ID Edit stripe package ID.



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