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Property slider Zoner theme


With property Zoner slider theme options you can optionally choose to display minimum of important images on your pages. Please be informed that property slider is only available for pages and not available for custom post types. We recommend to use 1024x680 as minimum size for your homepage slider and for the best you should use full HD. 

1. Go to Zoner options.

2. Go to Home page> Choose variation of display homepage.

3. Go to Slider Options > Specific properties. Select specific properties to output in slider. Save changes.

  1. It’s possible to choose header variations in different pages. Go to Pages and choose the page you need. Then go to Header variations and choose Property Slider.

5.You can upload images to slider by simply click on the “Featured Image” Go to Dashboard > Properties>Edit page>Go to Featured image > Remove/Add featured and click update.

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