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Theme Options: Items


Appearance > Spotter options > Items

In Items section, you can customize default settings for items listings:

  • Items default catalog ordering - select here kind of sort for your items
  • Quick view urls/View Bookmark - show or hide on your site
  • Terms & Conditions Page - select the terms for submit page items (one of your pages)
  • Property Grid Type - grid or lines
  • Area units - choose default area units

In Currency Options section you can format the price of items:

  • Currency - choose default currency symbol
  • Use Single Currency from default - allow or hide this option
  • Currency Position- choose how you want to display position for currency symbol
  • Thousand Separator/Decimal Separator/Number of Decimals - change default settings 
  • Allow the user to use currency localization - allow or hide this option

Base Country - here you can choose default country and allow or hide Single Country from default.


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