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Theme Options: Header


Appearance > Spotter Options > Header

Set your header settings:

  • Header background color
  • Display Breadcrumbs. This option allow your visitors follow history of their visits of pages on site from the first page to current.
  • Display search form
  • Display advanced fields in search. Put “yes” in case you want to display advanced fields in search on each page of your website.
  • Show Sign in and Registrations links. If you want you can set custom Register and Login links. However, it is not necessary as the theme creates these pages automatically.
  • Show "Add items" button. If you want to make available opportunity for visitors of your website to add new items, press “On”.
  • Get add item choosen mode. Here you can choose where will be open SUBMIT ITEM FORM-in current or new window.
  • Header position style. You can fix or unfix header both for all pages or only for Home page.

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