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Google Maps API Key


Are you having the Google Maps API error: Missing Key Map Error, suddenly showing in your browser console?

Here you have the explanation directly from a Google employee:

"On May 2, we announced changes including our new simplified Maps, Routes, and Places products as well as a new pricing plan to make our products easier to use and more scalable as you grow:https://mapsplatform.googleblog.com/2018/05/introducing-google-maps-platform.html

Basically, main change is introducing a new pay-as-you go pricing plan for core products that requires billing account (using a credit card). Once billing is enabled, all users will get access to $200/month of free monthly usage in credits to use for Maps, Routes and Places products.

To fix this problem, please see the Google Maps APIs documentation to get a key and add it to your application:https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/get-api-key

Finally, new tems and pricing went into effect on July 16. In the past domains that were using the API before keys became required were "grandfathered" with keyless access (they will work without a key).

Keys are now required, so regardless whether the domains "work" without keys or not, it is best to add a valid key to the request."

The things that determine whether or not the domains are "grandfathered" to keyless access are:

  • When the domain was created
  • When the domain started using the Google Maps APIs


To get the API key is really fast and simple:


1. Follow this link and click on Get started:



2. Check core products you need (in most cases all three):



3. Create a new project:



4. Setup billing:



5. Agree with the Google Cloud Platform Free Trial Terms of Service:



6.  Fill out all the required personal data and payment method information:



At this point your are ready to get your Google Maps API key.

The last step: Go to Appearance > Theme options (Zoner, Lovely, Endless, Anaglyph) > Google Maps Api Key and enter your API key.


! Keep in mind that each free API key comes with a 25,000 map loads per project per day limit (you can always create multiple projects, though). For very large websites, you could possibly need a Pemium Plan license.

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