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I can not turn it off


1.Clear your browser cache

2.Clear cache plugin

3.Clear cache of the server

4.What to do when nothing helps


1.Clear your browser cache

Go to Tools menu > Tools > Clear bowsing data. Then choose ‘Cookies and other site plugin data’ and ‘Cached images and files’. Confirm correct period of time you want to remove browsing data.



2. Clear cache plugin

Pictures showing how to clear the cache for the 2 most popular WordPress plugins:

WP Super Cache



W3 Total Cache


3. Clear the cache of the Wp Engine server

Probable issues with not updating content can appear because WP Engine system is caching content to make a site perform faster.

So how to clear cache?

Go to the “WP Engine” menu item above the “Dashboard” item.

Click “Purge All Caches” button.



4. What to do when nothing helps

If nothing helps then Submit a request.


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