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Theme Options: General

  1. Appearance > Theme options > General
  2. Layout type: Responsive On / Off
  3. Display comment form and comments: pages, posts
  4. Front page template with latest posts: full width, right sidebar, left sadebar
  5. Page templates by default ('right sidebar, full width, left sidebar' for each following item)
    • Page - to set default location for sidebar of website pages. The value is used for Layout page setting.
    • Single Post - to set location of sidebar in Blog section.
    • Archive -  to set location of sidebar in Archive section.
    • Author - to set location of the post author name.
    • Category - to set location of categories.
    • Tags - to set location of tags.
    • 404 - to set location of 404 error information.
    • Search - to set location of search field.
  6. Show Featured image on single post On / Off
  7. Reset options 

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