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Membership: Add new package


Available since version 2.0

Site administrator can create unlimited number of packages. Available options:

  1. Billing period Days, Weeks, Months, Years
  2. Billing every "Billing Period"
  3. How many properties are included?
  4. How many featured properties are included?
  5. Edit price for current package.
  6. Unlimited properties yes/no
  7. Unlimited featured properties yes/no
  8. Create agency yes/no
  9. Available package yes/no
  10. Edit stripe package ID.
  11. Package color


  • Avatar
    Aaron Healey

    HI i have just brought Zoner for wordpress, and cant seem to find the Membership section doesnt seem to be there :(

  • Avatar
    Sam Petrenko

    Version 2.0 waiting for approvement on themeforest at the moment. Will be available during 24-48 hours. Thanks for purchasing!

  • Avatar

    Ilya, I created my paid memberships in the new membership section of your theme... how do I link my membership table to the membership packages and paypal?

  • Avatar
    Sam Petrenko

    Membership table is available in user profile, where they can choose own tarif plan and pay for them. If you want display tables in other place, you can create table, using shortcode http://themes.fruitfulcode.com/zoner/pricing/

  • Avatar

    Ilya, the "sign Up" buttons on our pricing table at http://logmap.asia/pricing/ do not link to Paypal, is this normal? I suggest you make a a quick video as I think a lot of customer might be confused...

  • Avatar
    Sam Petrenko

    You can insert own the link in shortcode options. The tables on this page http://themes.fruitfulcode.com/zoner/pricing/ need only for displaying tariffs.
    Customer can purchase tariff plans only after registration and in own profile.

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