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Theme options: Advanced search


In Zoner theme homepage, advanced search options are a set of very useful features which gives you a lot more options to decide which search fields should be included. It makes it easier and helpful for your customers to find quickly what exactly they are looking for without any stress. As an administrator, you have the possibility to decide which of the search fields should be included. However, you may enable and disable these features if you don’t like it. Please note that it’s not possible to add new fields to the advanced search. It’s possible only with custom development. To setup advanced search, Please follow these steps.

1. Go to Appearance> Zoner options> Advanced search> Choose available fields to Searchbox> Save changes.

2. Advanced search.

3. Settings for global home page and widgets. Appearance > Zoner options > Advanced search> Save chamges


  • Search box fields Choose available fields to search box.
  • Specific Countries Select a country to restrict the filter list.
  • Specific Features Select a features to restrict the filter list.
  • Query Operator Select a query operator
  • Submit button page
  • Advanced search box background image.
  • Advanced search box background color.
  • Advanced search box font color.

4. To remove the icon search bar, you need to add this CSS code in Zoner options > Custom code. .advanced-search-toggle {display:none; }

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