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Translate Maintenance into your native language.


Maintenance is localized and you can easily translate it to any language you know. In this tutorial we are going to translate maintenance to Ukrainian.

Download Poedit

Download maintenance plugin to your computer Launch Poedit.

a) Edit a translation using existing .po file

In case if you find errors in existing translations.

b) Create new translation to translate into new language. In this tutorial we are going to create a Ukrainian translation from an existing ru_RU.po file.

Find /languages/ru_RU.po in plugin folder on your computer. The source language will be English in any file. You are free to choose any file to start a new translation. If you'd like to translate PRO version of plugin you should go to maintenance-pro/languages/ru_RU.po

Select a language that you'd like to make a translation for. Ukrainian in our case.

Poedit automatically generates a file name for the chosen language. You should see all backend and front end plugin fields laid out in front of you. Make a translation. Move from one field to another. Poedit provides translation suggestions.

Some parts contain code. Here is where you should edit.

Save result Poedit automatically compile to .mo file when you create new translation.

Compile to MO If you are editing an existing translation make sure to compile a new .mo file.

Submit your translation for next plugin update. Follow this link to get to submission form

Voilà! Maintenance in Ukrainian will become available for you and all users that have maintenance plugin and Wordpress in Ukrainian with their next update. It sure feels great!

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