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Available since version 2.0

Invoice will be generated automatically if administrator received a payment from agent. Possible to generate invoice manually too.

Invoice details

  1. Paid system
  2. Transaction #
  3. Details of payment
  4. Payment recurring
  5. Package ID
  6. Property ID
  7. Payment price
  8. Payment currency
  9. Purchase date
  10. User ID
  11. User information


  • Avatar

    I want to develop the payments manually (invoice).
    How do I be able to release the package to the customer.
    I do not want to use pay pal or the stripe

  • Avatar
    Sam Petrenko

    In current theme version it's not possible to use invoice manually. Invoice working only for Paypal and stripe. You can try develop new functionality yourself or hire one of our developers for this.

  • Avatar

    OK Thank you!

  • Avatar

    I want the customers to be in the plans manually, but do not want to use the payment system.

    Is this possible?

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    Sam Petrenko

    You can disable or enable membership in appearance > zoner options > membership

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