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Theme options: Property


Appearance > Zoner options > Property

  1. Layout Choose position sidebar for single property page.
  2. Gallery image crop Choose option to crop image on single property.
  3. Property Loop Page The base page can also be used in your propety permalinks.
  4. Number property on loop page
  5. Property default catalog ordering Select the default sort for properties.
  6. Property Grid Type Select the type of grid to display items.
  7. Words limit Choose words count to change excerpt length.
  8. Property area units Choose default area units.

Currency Options

  1. Currency Choose default currency symbol.
  2. Currency Position Choose position for currency symbol.
  3. Thousand Separator
  4. Decimal Separator
  5. Number of Decimals
  6. Allow the user to use currency localization

Base Country

  1. Country Choose default country.


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