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Theme options: Home page


Appearance > Zoner options > Home page

Choose variation of display homepage.

  1. Default header
  2. Google Map Full Screen
  3. Google Map Fixed Height
  4. Google Map Fixed Navigation
  5. Google Map with Horizontal Search Box
  6. Google Map with Advanced Horizontal Search Box
  7. Open street map Full Screen
  8. Open street map Fixed Height
  9. Open street map Fixed Navigation
  10. Open street map with Horizontal Search Box
  11. Open street map Advanced Horizontal Search Box
  12. Property Slider
  13. Property Slider with Search box
  14. Property Slider with Horizontal Search Box
  15. Property Slider with Advanced Horizontal Search Box
  16. Revolution Slider
  17. Revolution Slider with Search box
  18. Revolution Slider with Horizontal Search Box
  19. Revolution Slider with Advanced Horizontal Search Box


  • Avatar
    Steve Ghrawi

    its not applying on version 4.2.2

  • Avatar
    Ilya Pavlov


    What do you mean?
    You have a latest theme version 2.4.1 ?

  • Avatar
    Steve Ghrawi

    I had the old version ... today I updated to the new version 4.2.2 or 4.2.1 " latest one "
    now the home page is refusing to change the Variations of homepage
    I change to Property Slider with Horizontal Search Box
    but still Default header is showing up

  • Avatar
    Steve Ghrawi

    it was Property Slider with Horizontal Search Box before I update the theme version

  • Avatar
    Ilya Pavlov

    Problem that you select property loop page as home.
    Please provide admin access to your website, we will assist.

  • Avatar

    Hi, when i go on appearance then zoner opetions and put phone no and when save then it through error "There was a problem with your action. Please try again or reload the page." can you tell me why this happen?

  • Avatar
    Ilya Pavlov
  • Avatar

    thanks for this suggestion its working now. But now i came to know that how can i make my home page design like zoner theme. means how to show properties in home page, testimonials etc..

  • Avatar
    Ilya Pavlov


    Please read instructions and install demo content

    Our support manager already send reply regarding this question in ticket #5235

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