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How to change the default icons used in the columns


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Columns shortcodes has icon="" attribute which can be used to change icons in columns. 

List of all icons (Font Awesome)

Example of use:


[fruitful_ibox icon="fa-camera" icon_position="center" column="ffs-two-one" title="Title 1"]Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.[/fruitful_ibox]

[fruitful_ibox icon="fa-cloud" icon_position="center" column="ffs-two-one" title="Title 2" last="true"]Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.[/fruitful_ibox]




  • Avatar
    Stacey Pennington

    And if I wanted to use an image, would the following be true? url="http:/wwwetc..." url_position="centre"


  • Avatar
    Stacey Pennington

    Also, can I make this image link to another page? Thanks again!

  • Avatar
    Sam Petrenko


    Yes it possible link = “#”

    Other attributes http://plugins.fruitfulcode.com/shortcodes/12-columns/

  • Avatar
    Mareq Xanques

    How to change color icon or image with link? I mean that if I click icon or image to change color. Thanks!

  • Avatar
    Sam Petrenko

    Hi Mareq,

    You can add this attribute in your shortcode:
    styleicon = “background-color:#222; color:#000; border-radius:50%;”


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