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How to translate the theme?


Use source files to make translations on native language, via program POedit.

Download the latest version of Poedit.



You need to create new translation using PO file or POT template.



Select the file with the language you are going to do the translation. Pay attantion to select file PO Translation File (*.po).



Select the language of the translation.



Now you can start to translate you theme.



Don't forget to save all changes as new file.

Go to Settings > General > Site Language > select the required language and you can see the results of translation on your website.


Enjoy it!


  • Avatar
    Sebastian Thiesen

    Hi, somehow I am not getting the translation work.
    I am editing the en_US.po translation with POedit. Save it. Upload the modified files. Clearing wordpress cache, reloading, and still the same old strings... I am missing some step, but can not find it.

    Thanks. :)

  • Avatar
    Sam Petrenko


    Can you send to your email your translation file?

  • Avatar

    In my language directory en_US.po does not exist. I need to translate some word from english to italian like..posted in..or category archives..where can I find then?

  • Avatar
    Sam Petrenko

    Claudio, you can use .pot file instead

  • Avatar
    Thiago França

    I have the same problem Sebastian. Translate the po. file but not updated on the site. What should I do?

  • Avatar
    Sam Petrenko

    You should save .po file and compile or update binary .mo file in PoEdit. After this translation will be updated on server.

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