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How to setup Wordpress on Mac


 In this tutorial we will show you how to setup WordPress on your Mac using local server. The whole process is divided into few steps so that both beginners and pro-users can easily install WordPress manually.


MAMP is an application for creating a personal web server on your local system. To start a local installation of WordPress, you need to download MAMP and WordPress. Here are the download links:



Step 1: Installing MAMP

After downloading MAMP, install it as any other application for Mac. Once MAMP is installed, open it and start the server to see if it works (located at /Applications/MAMP/MAMP.app)

Step 2: MAMP settings

The application offers several options for customization when you click Preferences button.

Click “Ports” to see default ports: 8888 for Apache, and 8889 for MySQL

Set MAMP ports to default.

Step 3: Launching MAMP and creating a Database

In MAMP click on Go to the main page, click on phpMyAdmin, then click Database - to create a new database. To understand the process, look at the screenshot:


sml_wp - is an example name to create a database, you can use anything, if you want. Just remember this name, because we need it to complete the WordPress configuration.

Step 4: Installing WordPress on your Mac

Now you need to unzip the WordPress file that you downloaded, go to the Finder in Applications → MAMP → htdocs and copy the files from the WordPress folder. So, as shown in the screenshot:


In htdocs folder rename wp-config-sample.php into wp-config.php and open it - you will need to enter data about the database and the user.

Open wp-config.php file and add following data:

  • DB_NAME: the database you created, in our case: sml_wp
  • DB_USER: root
  • DB_PASSWORD: root

Here is a screenshot of our wp-config file after editing:


Now save the file. In your browser, type http: // localhost, you should see the WordPress installation window. Just give the site a name, administrator login and password, email address and click Install WordPress.


Success! Now local WordPress blog is installed on your Mac.

You can always add a Theme by accessing htdocs / wp-content / themes or Plugin by accessing htdocs / wp-content / plugins in the MAMP folder on your Mac.

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