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Maintenance Pro: Exclude user roles option. How to use it?


You can add new users to your website using following steps:

Dashboard>Users>Add new

Here you need to fill all required fields (password will be generated automatically) and assign one of multiple user roles, with set of relevant permissions and restrictions:

  • Administrator
  • Editor
  • Author
  • Contributor
  • Subscriber
  • Customer
  • Shop Manager

Maintenance Pro plugin allow to manage user's access to website via Maintenance login form when maintenance mode is ON. And you can share pages with clients or colleagues before the website will be available for all users.

Dashboard>Maintenance>Exclude user roles>Choose users roles which you want to exclude and temporarily close access to website via Maintenance login form.

But, pay your attention that Maintenance plugin doesn't affect on wp-login and excluded users can access to your website using it.

You can hide wp-login with help of plugin WPS Hide Login.

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